A day off

1. Squid with Asian salad, dressing made from Mirin, Palm Sugar, Fish sauce, chilli and a dash of something I bought in a Chinese Supermarket, I have no idea what it is all the text is in Chinese. Chinese supermarkets are a terrible place for anyone who likes pretty packaging, like a moth to a flame I fill my basket with mystery ingredients, paper lanterns and chopsticks.
2. Apricot thing, it is a recipe from Bill Granger, but like the last time it didn't seem to work terribly well, too much butter. It should have also been made in a Lamingtons Tin, but I don't know what size that is...Sooz, can you enlighten me? Does anyone else have problems with his baking recipes?
3. Monica Belluci in the Sunday papers. I like her attitude.
4. Given past performance we really shouldn't be disappointed with 2nd place, and Mr Barichello drove well, but oh what could have been, if only the tyres had been ready. 3rd place for Ferrari must have been small compensation for those foolish red car fans who rushed to see Schumacher and got Badoer instead.

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