Foliage so loathsome it should be banned

Hasn't this blog all been a bit lovely lately? Time to be provocative.....not in that way darling, do behave. So I present to you, pittosporum, does nothing, smells funny. Here it is in action, you might also want to mix it with your aqua roses. Bellissima!

I do like the smaller variety, that is very pretty, and a completely different animal.
Are you reading this thinking "Who the devil does she think she is?"

Then my darlings
Bring it on...show me how it has been used beautifully, and I will post it here for all to see.

Tomorrow I bring you very beautiful things, with very beautiful foliage.


KELLY said...

bleurgh...i'm feeling queasy just looking!

Mrs B said...

Surely nowhere near as criminal as leather leaf, lemon tips, or the multitude of other foliage evils? That blue and lemon number is a beauty!
I look forward to tomorrow's pretties along with the Camellia and Jasmine trails heading my way....hurrah!