If I were getting married today....

I would want to be surrounded by vases of dahlias, ranunculus, crab apple branches and dill.
We would sit at trestle tables and feast on plates of San Daniele ham and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. For dessert there would be bowls of marscapone rippled with blackcurrant coulis into which we would dunk quartered nectarines.
A man would play the fiddle and we would all dance.

Of course I am not getting married today, but people do ask a lot about what sort of flowers/dress/venue/cake I would have. So today it is this, next month it might be fuschia roses and copper beech, in the spring it might be tulips, or daffodils.

Shall we make this a regular feature? let's meet again in a few weeks time, I am bound to have changed my mind.


KELLY said...

well i for one would gatecrash your wedding! and sneak in the hubby for a wee jig : ) i'm drooling over the flowers and food already...i can only imagine the bliss that would be your outfit!

(please make this a regular feature btw) Xx

Anonymous said...

You are not on honeymoon, are you?

Anonymous said...


Paramour, did you forget something? I am yet to don the suit, and i am sure my mother would like longer to rehearse her look of horror at the informailty of it all.

Anonymous said...

just missing your blog.... It helps me survive the (now dragging) wedding season.

Mother Hen said...

As Miss Pickering has two female siblings....... we have advised them all that eloping is the way forward, or do enlighten me dear readers, has the "brides family pays for the wedding" tradition been usurped, what is the modern trend? It has to be said however that I am fond of a sumptuous hat, the type where only air kissing is possible as the rim and feathers are prone to cause untold damage to the recipient of the aforementioned greeting