Offee pie

Working on a Sunday, the start of 4 arrangements for the christening of Lily Rose.

Do you remember the evil potato plant from last year? It has returned, this time accompanied by a cherry tomato plant.

A gift of home grown carrots, with green bits, seriously twee.

Offee pie, made by the fair hands of The Other Miss Pickering, who has never before attempted such a culinary feat. The cocktail sticks? They denote the section for me without banana, hence the post title....Yes I am that much of a Princess, and yes you can still taste the banana if you just pick it out. Banana and I are not friends. Next week it's carrot cake.

Meat free Monday seems to mainly involve cheese melted on top of stuff. A little over cooked - i was distracted by someone. Cook and serve in individual dishes with hunks of bread to soak up all the sweet and sticky tomato juices. This version was red pepper, anchovy fillets, cherry tomato, and lots of basil.

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Mouth watering post! x Suzi