It's so funny..... how we don't talk anymore

The high point of this post, I have upgraded my phone to a Blackberry, just as everyone else is moving to an iphone. I have edited out some numbers, and lost all the text messages it is most liberating and I can heartily recommend it. Still getting to grips with the phone, struggling with email and an appropriate ringtone. Obviously I will mainly now be "In the style of " MKA. My new favourite blog

The Hound is not well, he has spent the last 4 days flopping about, not eating or sleeping, just looking miserable. Most worrying. The above "arty"picture was taken by The Captain. He thinks there are too many pictures of him looking like this

I beg to differ

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Anonymous said...

Ah a blackberry - you know they are very addictive. I often find my hubby's planted on the bathroom vanity in the morning. I just wonder when he was reading his email! - we knickname it "crackberry" as he needs his fix.

Poor little hound. Give him a big x from "bella" - hope he feels better soon. x Suzi