Preparations for a wedding

So far today I have
1. Plundered The Mother Hen's garden for clematis and wisteria foliage
2. Found my secret stash of original old bottles to fill with les fleurs pour le marriage. Don't worry my dear I have also put them through the dishwasher x
3. Except this one, Eiffel Tower Lemonade bottle is destined for my bedside filled with sweetpeas.
4. Spilt a bottle of Diet Coke into my handbag
5. Had a flipflop break on me in the high street, and fixed it with only an elastic band and ingenuity. (Flat shoes are troublesome)
6. Eaten a chocolate eclair
7. Nature Vs. Nurture? it's all nature, The Other Miss Pickering and I are a whizz with a bit of wire...it's in the genes. more on that later.


KELLY said...

you are such a busy lady! it's just right that you kept back a little delight for yourself with the sweetpea bottle : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little bottles. I have been on the hunt too lately. sweet peas how perfect! :)