Girl meets boy

Who doesn't love a film, where the heroine/ hero is a florist?
Will Jennifer Aniston be convincing as a floral goddess? I for one will be growing my hair and wearing woolly hats with sparkly scarves this winter....watch the trailer.
Is Bed of Roses still your "favourite use of florist in a rom-com" ? I have this film on VHS, I have no VHS player.
Have you ever been tempted to run off with the groom or bride?
Do you know of any other films featuring florists? Did you run off with the girl making your buttonhole? Did you ever send flowers to someone just to make them smile? Could we make a Jeremy Kyle* show out of this?
*Mr Kyle is the British Jerry Springer.


Unknown said...

I saw a classic good/bad Channel 5 afternoon movie in July when I was sick off work, in which the main character was a florist. I can't remember or find the name though.

Miss Pickering said...

Many a sick afternoon bettered by a Channel 5 film. Have you seen the one about the bridesmaids? Cinematic classic