Vintage packaging

We are finally getting around to finalising text and photos for a new website....please take note Mrs P...x

I have been looking at at old packaging as inspiration. The gummed labels were 10p in a charity shop, the tin of drawing pins was full, bonus.

In particular I love the fonts, a font is a very important thing, sometimes it is more influential than the words. The Hound refuses to shop in some stores because of their logo, but then he is prone to moments of pretentiousness, and is being particularly awkward this morning.

A great blog for fellow font fanciers.

Other things we are organising include Christmas.......we have a magazine photo shoot next week, all blue spruce and hyacinth bulbs, and I might yet get around to using those road maps.

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Mother Hen said...

Three cheers for the new website, can't wait.... all that e-commerce, just in time for that time of year which cannot be mentioned until after Miss P's birthday in the early part of December