How to make Sloe gin

1. Acquire some sloes. The hardest part of sloe gin production. If you haven't got some already, you may have been pipped at the post by fans of Hugh Fearnley Whathisstall? Foraging has become very chichi and Boden welly wearers take no prisoners. Life is made much simpler if like me you have a marvellous friend with a stash in his freezer.
2. Put in jar/ bottle with sugar and gin, don't be deceived by the photograph, this is a 4 litre kilner jar.
3. Wait 3 months and drink, or decant into antique hip flasks and give as gifts at Christmas - homemade tags will add extra twee.

The ratio of Sloe:sugar:gin is a hotly debated topic in these parts, the lady at our local Co-op* thinks the less sugar the better, others think equal ratios of sugar and sloe. I went with minimal sugar, you can always add more.

* How is this for twee, do you remember our Co-op burnt down? Well it is now in a tent in the car park, yes a tent quite a robust one, but a tent none the less. The new store is being built alongside it, all Eco chic with a grass roof and curves.

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KELLY said...

this post should carry a warning...my brother and his girlfriend's sloe gin shenanigans last weekend had them in a 48 hour recovery period! i hear it's so very easy to drink and the colour is beautifully tempting that the sore head could well be worth it. {i shan't find out until 2010}

i'm making blackberry schnapps in a similar way for christmas gifts this year with vodka...i don't have a sloe contact : (

the co-op story is a cracker btw! Xx