Pick up rubber

A Saturday morning in the shop means one thing.....men.
Jostling the papers and a coffee, they form an orderly queue. They leave with flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just because. Some come just for the F1 practice and qualifying. This is a hardcore group, generally fans of Mclaren or Brawn, with one notable exception, we stand around the laptop debating fuel loads, KERS, tyre choices and 2010 seats. It is an elite club, knock 3 times and bring a cappuccino (skinny, 4 shots) and a pig's ear (smoked). There is also a written entrance exam.
There was a very big "whoop" when Mr Hamilton got pole, and at least he went off in hot pursuit of 2nd place. Nobody but Mr Button could begrudge Mr Barichello his win at Monza, as our chances seem to be over for this year, I hope the enigmatic Brazilian wins the drivers championship.
I am starting a campaign to get Mr Sutil to Mclaren for next season

p.s. Mr Raikkonen, kindly do us all a favour and get thee to a barbers.


Mother Hen at sea said...

Delightful flowers Miss Pickering, shame about the race result. do you think Kimi is now sponsored by a hair loss restoring company?

Anonymous said...

today you are my inspiration - I graze over the race bits. not really my cup o tea.