Question. How do you spot a blogger?

Answer. They are the ones photographing rather than eating their food.

Chicken a la Miss P
1. Perform tomato harvest.
2. Brown off chicken legs.
3. Chop dried up head of fennel and the last red onion - it might be best to just use half an onion, but do you ever use up the second half?, or does it just sit in the fridge wrapped in cling film?, might as well use it all.
4. Return chicken to pan, pour over white wine that was probably opened too long ago, add handfuls of herbs from the garden.
5. Cook on the hob for a bit, add a tin of rinsed cannellini beans, and the halved tomatoes until warmed through.
6. Arrange in fancy white soup bowl, but draw the line at wiping the bowl clean of juice drops - that is far too pretentious.

Aren't Mondays meat free? Is this turning into one of those "lifestyle" blogs? Is it black or grey bins tomorrow?

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