Dog days, sunny lunches, and gourmet evenings

Over Sunday's breakfast we suggested to The Hound that he might like a trip to Rutland Dog Day. He popped his head over the top of The Telegraph, took a sip of his macchiato and gave us a look that suggested he would not.
He was dragged there anywhere, he recoiled at the dancing dog group, ate a few treats and humoured a child by playing with a stick.

Later that day I joined the lovely Kelly for lunch, glorious sunshine, delicious roast beef and talk of baby names, cakes, books, old school friends, and recipes.

To round off the weekend, a party at the Tobie Norris, a thank you to their regular customers, the wine flowed and the food....the food was divine. Morsels of hot salmon and roast haddock, mini pizzas, hamburgers with Stilton and black pudding, and chocolate brownies. Thank you so much for thanking us.

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