She's in fashion

Like skirt lengths and heel heights, flowers and plants go in and out of fashion. Every florist has their default cream rose, favourite white lily, basic foliage, sometimes there is a rose you want to put with everything and you overdose on it. Enter Chaim Soutaine - the striped one, 4 years ago it was difficult to walk the mean streets of W11 without seeing buckets of these, then we all got bored of them, I am having a renaissance. Other flowers we get fed up with for different reasons, inconsistency, discrepancy in colour, I am of course talking of Illusion.
Then there are the fads, which hopefully you didn't all embrace, the black Christmas tree, those Harlequin roses - rainbow striped....nice!
I am not a dedicated follower of fashion, I prefer to do my own thing.

"But" I hear those supermarket developers cry
"we need to know what the next big thing is"
Purples? Taupe? Who knows?, although if you do know could you let me know? I have to sound very intelligent and informed when I speak to a glossy magazine in the morning.


Mrs B said...

Glossy mags dictate the trends so officially u have the fashion police in the palm of your hand! I know you'll speak of loveliness......I wish for positivity and extravagence to lift us from the doom and gloom of this year xx

Anonymous said...

Ohh how very exciting- I hope the interview goes well.
I LOVE the roses with the berries, They look like a bowl full of strawberries, blackberries and cream...mmm

Jan Maree said...

I like this post and I appreciate your honesty. Enjoy your day.