Finally some flowers and the tale of how I became Rapunzel

Pots of roses, and Christmas in old glass.

Do you remember back in the summer I had my hair cut short?, this was a knee-jerk reaction to a small hiccup in my personal life, for 2 days I felt liberated, and then I didn't and got cross with myself for chopping off my goldilocks. Since then I have begged my hair to grow back, talked nicely to it, intensive conditioned it, and taken vitamins.
Last week the lovely people at the Hair House behind the shop gave me real hair extensions, my hair is much longer than it ever was. I look exactly like Cheryl Cole, apart from the fact that I am blond and a lot taller.

Tomorrow I will share my tale of nail extensions, seriously all I need now is a Birkin, and a Range Rover.....I don't need a footballer.



KELLY said...

and how deep is your tan?!

i bet you look totally fabulous...can't wait to see you and your locks next week. do you feel like a girl's world? just think of all those wonderful up-do's you'll be able to create for the party season...i'm thinking a lot of backcombing and kirby grips and little birds and sparkles : )

glad you got your good hair day back! xX

Miss Pickering said...

Not sure about the tan......but eyelash extensions?

Mother Hen said...

I might like some of those!