The outakes

I know I promised you flowers and tales of long hair, but they will be along later. Much later I will also do a HOW TO. Stay tuned.

Last night we tried to make a card of The Hound in Christmas outfit. 2 sets of reindeer antlers and a Santa's hat. He loved every minute of it.

Then he stopped loving it, and exacted his revenge. The winds have blown an elder tree down in the garden, which in turn has brought down even more of the fencing.

The Hound sits by the fallen fence with a look that says....
"Enough, you promised Mario Testino, unless you desist in taking my photograph, I will hop through this hole, and you will spend hours looking for me, screaming my name, crying, thinking I have run off forever.

"What's it to be?"

We stopped.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the one on the bottom left --- sooo cute!

KELLY said...

i vote for number 3...chaaarrrge!!!
(he does make the cutest reindeer)
hope he got paid his supermodel fees? Xx

Mrs B said...

Number 3 gets my vote too - I didn't know supermodels liked pigs ears!