Good shelving and crystal pineapples

Yesterday we installed some flowers at Elizabeth Stanhope for a book signing by William Yeoward. It's a shop with nice shelving, that I wish we had the ceiling height for, and they sell crystal pineapples.

Hooray for
Old girls joining the Red Arrows
Pleeeeeeease may I have one?
Candle light in the shop
Pots filled with hyacinth

Boo for
The express check out at M&S, it's not, wiley old ladies can put a lot of things in a basket.
It is not long before I will be another year older.

Bonne weekend, we will be installing Christmas, wreaths a-go-go. It's not too early, people are ordering them already.



{Love, Love, Love} said...

I love the Elizabeth Stanhope shop....we found our lounge curtains (actually curtain blinds) in there and I love them loads! Not cheap, but they are good quality and original. I love all the different fabrics they have too, oh, and that they stock Greengate! x

KELLY said...

oh dilys!!! what a heart melting little puppy girl.

i always figure that good shelves can only lead to good organisation. i need more shelves.

have a lovely weekend. are you about for a mini-date a week monday/tuesday? Xx