I'm loving it

Is that the slogan for Pepsi or the McDonalds?, imagine it said by Mr JT.

If you happen to one day overhear a conversation between 2 florists, there will be whinging. We moan to one another about suppliers, brides, customers, the cold, and all manner of other things. That's because quite often only another florist understands. This is why we are all friends, so that we will always have someone to whinge to.

What you won't hear is that some mornings,like this morning, we get so terribly excited over a big pile of ranunculus and parrot tulips, that we might do a little dance, and perhaps a small song, containing exclamations of how we love floristry. You won't hear that, because we won't admit it in front of another florist.....that would make us a geek, and we all like to think we are cool enough to sit on the back seat of the bus. I never took the bus to school.

At times like this The Hound, curls up in his bed and says "Talk to the paw"


Valley Flower Company said...

So the fact that I let out a little "squeeeeeee!" when I saw this picture totally backs up your statement. Beautiful, I want to take all those little pink Ranuncs and dance around with them.

Damn, I'm a Geek.

Mrs B said...

Oops, I wasn't aware that song and dance at 7am in public was seen as geeky behaviour..... duly noted! Thank you for pointing that out to me, although I fear the damage is already done! Xx