The magazine is out

1. and 2. The magazine, extends to 5 pages, but the 5th page is a full page of me, and you don't need that on a Tuesday lunchtime.
3. My beloved boy.
4. Currently loving tassels
5. An impromptu dinner for friends, roast a piece of belly pork on top of 2 fennel bulbs, serve with roast things from the bottom of the fridge, and white bean mash. Plonk it all on a big vintage platter and dig in. It would benefit from something green, but the broccoli at the bottom of the fridge was more of a liquid.....
I like putting everything on one big platter, everyone can help themselves, no feeling compelled to eat the vegetables you don't like.

Tomorrow I will bring you some pretty flowers, and I will tell you the tale of The Great St.Paul's Street beauty project. I now have long hair, very long hair.


Unknown said...

I give up, which magazine is it?

Miss Pickering said...

Oh yes that might help!

It is Garden Answers, available in all good newsagents and other purveyors of monthly publications....petrol stations, supermarkets and the like.