A rare insight

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If you come in for a bridal consultation, you will probably get more of an insight into the life of Miss P, than you bargained for.
We don't have a snazzy consultation room with sofas and running champagne. We hold them in the middle of the shop, around a table on an eclectic mix of stools and chairs, it means that i can jump up and down grabbing flowers, thrusting roughly mocked up bouquets at the bride, and cutting off rose heads to pin onto the groom. A much easier way for both to visualise, what the end result might look like.
We also look at the tens of thousand pictures of previous events on the laptop.
As I photograph everything, sometimes when flicking between Pink at Burghley or a Labour of love you might also get to see Mr F in a false moustache (number 2 in a collection of 47) Robin Hood's Bay, my favourite place ever, Me and The Other Miss Pickering, or just things that I have right clicked and saved as for inspiration. This card from Ghost Academy.

Book early to avoid disapointment.


Valley Flower Company said...

I sell miss megan's (ghost academy) cards in my shop, and this one is one of my favorites :)

megan said...

I just popped over here to snag your url for my flower blogroll on my new blog and I SAW ONE OF MY CARDS!!!! Serendipity! So exciting! And my internet wifey Morgan is here commenting above me. Apparently I am late to the party.

Miss Pickering said...

A big hello to you both, I love your cards, I can't remember how i came across your blog, but very glad I did.