Roll up, Roll up....for the Great Annual Christmas Wreath course.

To be held on Monday December the 14th, at 9.30 a.m.
It will be a spectacular spectacular.

Learn to make a proper Christmas Wreath, with brass rings, moss and reel wire* Festoon it with blue spruce, holly, ivy, and whatever else takes your fancy.

Later there will be lunch and a glass of vino

Entrance fee £90.00

Please note it will take place in a cold shop, so Ugg up, bring gloves if you like, don your thermals, be strong of voice for caroling, and The Hound has promised to make baked goods of a festive nature.

Places are limited, email us on flowers(at)misspickering(dot)com to book your place.

Pictured above are some wreaths, the first one I made yesterday with old man's beard, and ivy gathered on our weekend stroll. Fuelled by Chicken stew and dumplings, and what is now to be called Christmas lamb stew. Recipe to follow. The others are from last year, but inspiring none the less.

Also I realise I said I would give details of this course on Monday, and it is now Tuesday, whatever.

*We will also be selling kits so that if you are already empowered with the knowledge of wreath making you can do so in the comfort of your own home.

* We will also be selling the oasis rings, for those that like their wreath protruding out at an odd angle, but we won't be teaching that.....soak oasis, insert foliage...what's to learn?


Anonymous said...

I want to come and am so jealous!

Javier Salvador said...

Are Mr Tony and Mr Shiny suit allowed to come?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I will be making dozens of wreaths this holiday season-- thanks for the inspiration.