Why Monsieur! You are really spoiling us.

A wedding anniversary gift of whites and navy blue viburnum tinus, with a hint of mimosa.
I have a serious crush on Mr Sarkozy. He is always so well dressed. Why can't our political leaders dress a little smarter? Enough of the Marks and Spencer "look I am just the same as all of you" jumpers, start wearing something that says "I am a statesman" Whilst we are on the subject Mr Paxman, you need a haircut.
What in the world possessed me to buy glitter apples? They could be the turquoise glitter sticks of last Christmas.

Anyone in the wedding industry, click here Wedinator brilliant, thanking you kindly Mr Cann.

Also I have become the official training model for the beauty salon Equilibrium, I have gel nails, which is a very strange thing for a florist, but by jove they are still on. You can't pick up coins from the floor however, just leave it, it is way too embarrassing to spend 10 minutes of your life attempting to retrieve a 5p piece. I have also been treated to a Thlago facial, seaweed is great in any format, but as a face mask?....fabulous.
Fake nails, fake hair, could the Range Rover be in a navy blue? I am now one seriously high maintenance girl. Before I was the worst type, high maintenance that thinks she's low maintenance. Remember that film?

I am frightfully busy, but will doubtless be along later with a puppy that needs a home

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{Love, Love, Love} said...

I LOVE gel nails;they look fab! I haven't had any for ages as my natural nails are quire nice anyway. I hate it when they break though as I have the opposite problem to you; I cannot pick anything up WITHOUT my long nails!!! x