Another dresser

Ordinarily when purchasing large pieces of furniture you would measure the space carefully, agonise over what style to buy, and ensure it was functional. You probably wouldn't go dresser shopping with The Mother Hen (who it must be noted had done all of the above and had a tape measure in her bag) and suddenly say I'll take that one.

Now it is in the shop, it looks a lot bigger, too big for the space intended, but it does block of the work area hiding the mess. Obviously it needs a lick of paint, but what colour, I am not sure I can be trusted One of my poshest customers has just suggested I stick to something from Farrow and Ball, but that has just brought out the rebellious side of me, i am thinking cerise.....

Also if you are enjoying some divine Italian food cooked by Mr Ferrari, and talking of making voyage to Tuscany and generally getting quite carried away with all things Italian, DO NOT under any circumstances say YES when he asks "Should we open another bottle of Chianti?" Just say NO. Do you remember Zammo?

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Ella Jenkins said...

Hi Miss Pickering - Farrow & Ball are releasing a whole colour range very shortly. I am reliably informed that there are some very bold new colours amongst them. Off-white is so boring & has had its day!

If you need any professional help painting your lovely dresser then I am just down the road from you ... www.baytreeoriginals.co.uk