The Hound has gone to Mustique

It snowed again yesterday, and an idyllic stroll around this beautiful town of Stamford ensued. The Hound taught Mr Ferrari how to use his pasta machine and a supper of rabbit ravioli was consumed.
By this morning he had had enough, and boarded a flight to warmer climes, evidently he will return in time for presents.

Eucalyptus defrosts nicely, begonias not so much.
Vagabond chic (wearing all the clothes you own at once) is all the rage.
The morning always comes too soon, before I even close my eyes.
It is snowing again.
All i do each night is pray.
Take That is playing as I write this, can you tell?
I'm so cold and all alone.
Customers that bring me chocolate are my favourite sort of customer.

I just haven't met you yet.......the radio has moved on to Mr Buble.



KELLY said...

hold that plane! i think i've had enough of the snow now too. which makes me feel a bit bah humbug...but it's no fun walking about like a weeble {yes i practically did the splits on a pavement in cambridge yesterday and thank goodness mr c was there to catch me!}

i bet stamford looks even more charmant under a white blanket. stay warm miss vagabond! Xx

Mrs B said...

I hope the hound doesn't send postcards... Lucy is also on holiday but she could only afford a spa/ pamper package in a country house hotel in Notts..... She would be incredibly jealous if she knew!

Good luck with the final slog.... only 3 more get ups to go xxx