-8 degrees C

Stamford has taken on the look of a ski resort, only without the skis.
I am wearing 9 tops, and i am still cold.
Our vintage pots filled with bulbs are flying out.
I hope the Eurotunnel is fixed very soon.
Long hair keeps the back of your neck warm.
The Hound has made an igloo and installed a woodburner and a wide screen TV.
In a small poll where n=3, we decided BMW's are the worst in the snow.
Stamford made it on to the BBC, it's about 1.25 minutes in, scenes of Range Rovers driving past The George, in the snow.....so Stamford.


Joan -BORNAY- said...

-8 DEGREES??! Here, it's +2 and we are really frozen!!!!****
kisses and happy cold weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow - a truly white christmas.
Shall I gloat with 23 ?

Anonymous said...

looks fab!

you need granny big knickers to stay truly warm!!



Simon said...

Hound in the snow photos please!