Let's take a look at The Gallery

Tony Hart was my hero.

Here are wreaths made on our course yesterday. I think they are all brillianto, I Also love that given access to the exact same ingredients, they
are all completely different.

Individuality rocks. Bravo girls. Top marks

Mr F's chelsea buns provided energy, he is on a course of his own, a high-faluting cookery one. Last night's offering was pear and amaretto cake, tonight?....

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KELLY said...

the gallery gets top marks.

mr hart is a legend in my eyes too. i actually sent in pictures but alas never made it on with the music. {i had the music in my head as i scrolled down the wreaths!}

looks like the course went super-well. and those buns? oh my tummy is rumbling. mr f please open a patisserie soon?? Xx