Christmas trees and whippets

The Stamford Hen, The Hound and I made our way to the Christmas tree farm. We were in search of a large tree, we found a very large tree.

It has not been a good year for Christmas trees, have you found that too? Some say it is the weather, others say it's just one of those years.
Ever the detective, The Hound chatted to a few of the elves, evidently an ill North wind blew in over the summer, bringing with it a wiry haired witch. She lives beneath the forest, eating Lapin casserole, and drinking nettle tea. The elves say she will be moved on, and next year the trees will be the best ever.

Today a lovely whippet came in to buy some red roses.

Also it was a rack of lamb with a herb crust.

Don't forget to dig out the magical book.

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