200 tulips and a pair of wellies

Do you have a Joules in your area? Will you be going to their shopping evening tomorrow? Local florist's will be in store to demo some flower arranging. I will be at the one in Stamford, on St.Mary's, you know, opposite the town hall. The one with the lampshades.
I have to do something fancy with a pair of wellies.
It is on between 4pm and 8pm, so if you are in the vicinity pop in and say hello.
I have no idea what to wear.
This is what 200 tulips looks like.
The Hound has gone back into hibernation.


Courtney said...

Oh, I wish we had a Joules! That is a beautiful jacket. Your hound looks like such a sweetie. Good luck with your outfit and your wellies!

Tracy x said...

i have yet to tell my hounds that more snow is coming... they will not be happy...
t x

Mrs B said...

It's too gritty up here for Joules I'm afraid.
What about filling wellies with the tulips? You'll be done in 5 mins and can then enjoy the rest of the shopping evening perusing the rails .......I dare you to wear Boden! x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss P

I am rather concerned - I fear Messrs Joules may convince you to wear a fleece ......

Miss Duddington

Mother Hen said...

Miss Pickering in a fleece!!! Never, we can't even get her to wear one on the boat!!!

Miss Pickering said...

Ladies you are encouragable.
I will be wearing some sort of dress, and a pinny.
No fleece
No Boden - Mrs B I suspect that is tantamount to swearing in a Joules shop, plus i don't actually own anything from Boden.

flwrjane said...

I introduced my partner to your blog last night and lost computer time for an hour. Stop being so amusing.

Mrs B said...

well then, how about a dress, a pinny......and those porn star shoes?!
I've just had a shop full of lovely lady customers scared off by a drunk Russian (unfortunately he is a regular).... I don't suppose that ever happens in Joules! xx