You like potato and I like potahto

I used roses.
The wellies were turquoise and a size 4
They obviously belonged to someone called Tom. Let's hope he didn't need them last night.
The shop has lampshades a plenty, clothes hanging of taps, and nice tweed waistcoats, which I was very tempted by.

And finally
I have a crush on the Lurpak man, there's something about a man making pie...
The Hound is fully immersed in the Iraq Inquiry, but is questioning whether any good will come of it? He suspects it's like wheat free crackers.
I have a longing to be in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (part II)


Miss E said...

I too have a crush on the Lurpak man, that pie looks deliciously rustic at the end, i do love a pie... and a man.

Mother Hen said...

Now if I wasn't a married woman......!!!! Yummy... Good taste Miss P xxx

CakeGirl said...

Phoebe wants you to know that this week, we have mostly been Alicia on the way to school (and that we know all of the words but I sing badly). Lucky for her she gets to be a bridesmaid in New 'Yoik' in June. You need to go international X X X

Miss Pickering said...

Dear Phoebe

I do hope that your dress will be pink.
I also hope that you don't sing the Jay-Z part. Most unbecoming for young girls.

Miss P.