If I was Matthew, I would have left out the first L in that post title, but I'm not.
I have added some new blogs to the roll, and split them up into categories - always happy to help. Try a few out see how you get on. I hate the way blogger formats this application - any suggestions?
I am currently obsessed with The Pioneer Woman, I want to be her,live on a ranch and be married to Marlboro man, only without the children, and with a Canon rather than a Nikon.

Another blog I like is CJane, I have nothing in common with a Mormon stay at home Mum, but I read it - every day - weird.

That's the wonder of blogland.

Talk here is of Valentine's day, it's on a Sunday....this makes it difficult for those who buy 2 bouquets.
Are you just 1 step away from getting sponsors on this blog? Probably

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KELLY said...

ooo i like being a good egg! thank you for that tuesday accolade...i'm blushing here in my slippers!

i like your new groupings and will have a little wander through the new names later with a cup of tea. the new banner is scrumptious btw. i can't get enough of those colours so if it looks like i'm stalking your blog it's more likely that i'm just getting my fix of the fleurs!

wouldn't it be nice to have more creative scope with the blogger layout? we need an html-er to show us how i reckon...if i ever work out a way to improve i shall be first to share the secret.

i don't know if i could cope with a sponsor. what if their logo didn't match my colour scheme??! i'm way too much of a control freak for that! xX