Birds of a feather

This weekend was all a bit Bumpkin
In other news

Friday night was very interesting.
We are bidding farewell to the hair extensions.
They kept getting caught up in the handcuffs.


Mother Hen said...

The pheasant casserole was superb, thank you so much, it was a such treat to be cooked for.

KELLY said...

hey naughty! who needs long hair anyway? are you going low maintenance for spring then?!

{those flowers are to die for} xX

Tracy x said...

lady... you brighten my day!
thank goodness for you :)
t x

Anonymous said...

you do a nice line in photos Miss P

Anonymous said...

Miss P

Will you marry me?

Mrs B said...

Hellooooo! Is there anybody there???!!!! ....why am I the only person noticing the proposal of marriage? Miss P, is said person also anonymous to blog creator??? This is all very exciting xxx

Miss Pickering said...

No i am not familiar with the author of the marriage proposal, or at least I don't think I am.
My advice to anonymous would be
Retract your offer, I feel quite sure i would make the most awful wife, whilst I am not bad in the kitchen, I am quite the domestic slut when it comes to other household chores.

Mrs B said...

I can think of many men who would love to be married to a domestic slut who cooks. Think u may have turned him on even more.....I eagerly await a photo of a giant sparkly rock with your painted red nails xx