Flowers in a bag

These flowers are not in a bag, they are from a wedding last summer, I just didn't like the flowers in a bag being at the top of the blog.

I spoke to one of my flower suppliers, he says maybe it's gas?
in the bag.
Then we talked of Valentine's Day and boats. Excellent.
In summary i would say that these flowers in a bag will appeal to those who just want to pick up some flowers whilst doing other shopping - like Simon.
As I have said before I have no problem with supermarkets selling flowers, I was just curious to see who they appealed to.

It's a bit like salad bags.

You may have got this twice in your RSS, I hit the wrong key, read the second version it has fewer spelling mistakes.


Tracy x said...

gas .... seriously?
there is something not right about those bags..
not right

oh - and *hello*
t x

Elizabeth said...

If you're asking about the appeal of flowers in a plastic bag, I will vote that flowers do not belong in a bag. They shouldn't even have their little stems wrapped in plastic. Your flowers are beautiful, by the way. I am mesmerized.....

knighton flowers said...

Gosh! i wonder who thought up that little gem,buying flowers like a pair of tights!its obscene and just so wrong!