Today was a very good day

We talked about PINK with a bride.
Sold bunches of flowers for birthdays and anniversaries
Had a good shorter but blonder hair day
Then Emily Quinton came to our little shop, I wanted to take her picture but was too shy to ask.
She met with my favourite bride and groom, and they booked her on the spot. From that first moment they knew, like the way you know about a good melon. (3.05 if you want to skip right to it, but you'll end up watching the whole thing)

Emily is the melon in this scenario.

Later when she came back into the shop to tell me she had been booked, we squealed like schoolgirls and talked at 300mph, it's not just brides that get excited, we do too.
Then on the way home I had a text with the most exciting news.
The Hound and I are dancing on the ceiling.

The End


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful day and your flowers - *gasp!* They are divine.
I love your new look BTW

Emily Quinton said...

It was such a very good day. Wanted to take your photo too. Let's do that next time I'm in Stamford visiting a bride! x