No vintage

No vintage? No problem other colours are available.

Wedding bouquet of cherry brandy and blu curiosa roses, anemones, ranunculus, mimosa, veronica and carnations.
Yes you read it correctly carnation. My resolution for this year is to be more open minded. Tomorrow I am going to a fetish evening.


Ros said...

Gorgeous combination of flowers and colours!

Tracy x said...

i have always been, dare i say, a trifle snobby about carnations despite the fact that they were my amazing Nana's favorite flower... but just lately i have seen them creeping on to folks blogs and i have to say i am liking them - a lot!
one blog over Christmas - may have been Hortensia - had red and white striped ones - beautiful :)
t x
good luck tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

My thoughts have changed so much about flowers this past year. What a used to hate I now see in a new late. I suppose every flower has it's purpose.
Love your bouquet - it is beautiful.

Joan -BORNAY- said...

I love the combination of orange color with purple!