The whole carnation thing or how to make that roulade

I can't get too carried away as I only bought a wrap of 20, but i have been using them again. I don't like them on the table in a vase, so if you want some we have them out back.....knock 3 times and say "Tip Top" Rather than use 1 i have decided they are better if you tie 5 together they almost take on the look of a peony, if you stand far away and squint.

Your requests for the recipe for that non-cracking roulade have been answered. Matthew has put the recipe on his blog, it's a slippery slope now.
Another piece of cake came my way yesterday, a beautiful piece of victoria sponge. I had intended to have a good day and eat broth, but that all went wrong with a piece of thick buttery toast at breakfast. It reminded me that i will never be one of those girls...last year i went to a dinner party of those type of women. The conversation was so dull I took to observing their eating habits, one lady when presented with each course immediately pushed half her food to one side and poured salt all over it so she wouldn't be tempted to eat it.
Imagine being that self-controlled? Thankfully i don' think I will bump into her tonight.

Have a great weekend, if you can't be good, don't get caught



Oh My! Floral said...

You have used them beautifully! And much to many florists' dismay, they happen to be very loved by the older spanish women... could this be the beginning of a new era of the carn? Babe- I hope so!

Except of course when smashed together with Gyp and wrapped in celo at the checkout. Ugh.

KELLY said...

they look delightful! how nice to see them used in such a loving way...makes me feel sad for the ones that don't make it past the garage forecourt.

i am shocked to hear of the funny eating habits of folk on the dark side. i like to surround myself and indulge with lovely-food-loving-ladies and thoroughly approve of your encounters with all things spongey...keep on enjoying them!

have fun on your weekend adventures miss p. hugs Xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely once - the carnations. I am in agreement with you on - alone they look ug - ( although they do remind me of my mum) bunch together in something - or low - lovely.
I love the look at that recipe but am desperately trying to get rid of some pounds -ug- I am not one of those women either. LOVE food.