Were I not a florist.......

I would have an ice-cream van. The flavours would be magical, almost of another world. Mr F would probably have a hand in making them. I would sell ices wearing a sundress, cardigan and high heels. The Hound would drive and work the music. I came very close to doing this once, that's when i was a farmer's wife. Remind me to tell you about that one day.

And because you have listened to me prattle on

Hound - check
Flowers - check
Formula 1 - check (the new Mp4-25 exciting stuff )

All bases covered, have a very lovely weekend.


Katie twinkles said...

I used to be a farmers 'wife' too x

Katie twinkles said...

sorry, I meant to add. I was a farmer's 'wife' too and so many creative opps presented themselves. At that time there was a shed full of lemon boxes inherited with the purchase of a neighbouring farm. I set about painting them etc. The 'mother-inlaw' said 'do you know, I think she's got something there..' Years later such boxes are all the rage and those and other originals sell for £18 and more...and can I find a bulk supplier now?, can I hell.

Tracy x said...

your hound makes my heart skip a beat..
and please be an icecream seller and pass by my gate
t x