Calling all seamstresses

Please can anybody make me one of these? With frills and bows?
I promise to only wear it with skirts and high heels
whilst fixing a cocktail
or making supper for my honey.
I don't have the pattern. Is that a problem?
I am not keen on gingham.
and could it have a super big bow on the back?
I think a big bow would keep it edgy.


KELLY said...

very mad men miss p!

i would happily suggest myself as your own personal seamstress but fear you may have to wait 12 months for the resulting pinny when baby elsa is walking. i am currently struggling to make a teeny cot quilt for my cousin...managing about 5 minutes of stitching per day!

make mine an espressotini! {the newborn parent's cocktail choice} xX

Anonymous said...

There is the perfect shop in Sydney that sells these - peek online.
Me I fear am not a seamstress.

Anonymous said...

I know the perfect person, as do you! A clue " a wedding, flowers by you, and the dogs came too!" nothing like a riddle on a Thursday night.
Ps fab pinny x

Miss E said...

Yes as pearlbarley says my lovely sister at Tiny Inc could knock you one up in no time. Don't forget to don a slightly maniacal smile as you fix that martini.

Anonymous said...

miss p, let me have your pattern and favoured colours and I will happily supply you with said piny!!


Katie twinkles said...

I could make you one. I made a nice gardening apron for myself. You could look on my blog http://allmadeup.blogspot.com. I mean I don't want to sell myself down the river but 'Malphi', in my opinion is the expert in these aprons and with her theatre background would make it quite extravagant, in line with your exquisite tastes. http://malphi.typepad.com/frills_frocks_fancies_by_/aprons/