A bride walks into a shop

Bride: Do you do wedding flowers?
Miss P.: Yes we do.
Bride: Can you make me a bouquet?
Miss P.: Yes of course when are you getting married?
Bride: Today at 2pm
Miss P.: Right, I'd better get on with it then.


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful bouquet Miss P. When i get married I'm coming to you.


Lula said...

How wonderful Miss P..who needs planning!

Jenny Rudd said...

she sounds like my kind of bride. I didn't know what my flowers were going to be like on myt wedding day until my bouquet was thrust into my hand and I walked into the church. They were gorgeous. My mum chose them. Big, brightly coloured gerboras (excuse the sp.)

Oh My! Floral said...

Probably my favorite post ever.

Emily Quinton said...

Fabulous! x

The Wedding Genie said...

Priceless how fantastic!!! Flowers are gorgeous. Thats the best blog ever!

Janet said...

that bride obviously walked into the right shop! what a beautiful bouquet!