Good things

Using the sellotape grid technique to fill a pressed glass bowl with flowers.
Cheating at gardening, did you forget to put spring bulbs in the ground too? Buy them in the green your neighbours will never know. Slip in a couple pots of English grown cheerfulness, Ice follies, or tete a tete.
Diversifying into doggie daycare, Gem came to see us this morning. She turfed The Boy Wonder out of his bed, ate his breakfast, and gained more admiring glances from customers than The Hound himself. I can't wait for her to come again next week, she is a delight.
Being asked to be Godmother to Lottie Lou.
Deciding on a Mothers Day window theme.
Not such good things
Breaking the telephone.
Buying a new phone.
Having to move 3 dressers to plug in new phone.
Getting confused with 28 wires and replugging in the old phone.
Panicking that new phone doesn't work.
Realising it isn't plugged in and moving 3 dressers again.
Hearing ring tone of new phone,it sounds frightfully chav.

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