I didn't know I was looking for love

until I found you baby.

It's that time of year again........
Whatever you do, do it with conviction. This is not the time for bumbling Hugh Grant impressions. Sweep her in your arms, and kiss her until her knees give way.

Use song lyrics as an inspiration, I have always found them to be useful for post titles. Just avoid anything by James Blunt.

For those wishing to send flowers, we will be open tomorrow 9-5, and Sunday 9-12 for those that forgot.

May your weekend be filled with romantic strolls, sensual food, flushed cheeks and flowers from us.



KELLY said...

{if by this title you are talking ebtg then i thoroughly approve...i love that song}

i am happy for those very lucky people who'll be given miss p flowers this weekend and i hope you get your fair share of heart warming romance too. my little elsa sends you a baby kiss!

Anonymous said...

Wishing a fab Valentines wit loads of business!