San Valentino

Roses, rosemary, hellebore, pheasant feathers, blossom, and a gazillion ranunculus.
Cakes by Pudding and Pie
Can you imagine a better Valentines present than Gem?, a collie whippetty cross. Sadly it wasn't my present, but she did call in to say hello.
Sounds gross tastes delicious, Sourdough baton, 3 weeks past it's best before date Saint Agur, and thyme honey.
It has taken me 12 hours to get this post to you, the laptop is dying, I have cried, screamed, and talked nicely to it. It has finally obliged but only in a font size of 6.
Thank you to everybody who has emailed in response to the Joules article, so pleased you liked it. I will reply to you all, just as soon as I find a magnifying glass.

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Anonymous said...

love the feathers in the bouquet!!