I have made up a lot of faded arrangements today. Colour but not colour. I think it maybe because I watched 500 days of summer again the other day, or maybe because I have seen the delightful Match.com advert a few times.

I really want a heavy fringe a la Zoey, but with hair prone to curling? difficult.
Other things that have been noted this week.

Who needs a boy with a hammer, when you are a girl with a meat tenderiser? Does the trick just as well. Apart from the one picture which fell down in the night, and The Hound thought we had an intruder, and it turns out he isn't very brave.

The Hound has taught me about followers, who knew? there you were lurking at the back somewhere, and now I have put you on the front. Follow away, I don't know what happens if you do, maybe there is a rainbow? You could take a screenshot of your avatar on the blog, and frame it.
"Me on Miss P's blog" or you could un-follow, maybe you were happy with nobody knowing you actually read this?

I can feel a giveaway coming on.....


Becca said...

I have a heavy fringe, a la Zooey and I am cursed with the wildest crazy white afro hair ever! I think if you have handled unruly hair your whole life then a fringe is easy as pie!
This is the first time I have commented and I'm a great fan...I have a hound too, only he is known as The Champ.xxx

Miss Pickering said...

Welcome to you and The Champ.

Keep an eye on The Hounds blog, he is launching Readers Dogs next week.

A bit of audience participation

Cameras at the ready

KELLY said...

i have a love hate relationship with fringes...i love them but my hair hates them. i often find myself getting one cut about every 2 years and then proceed to grow it out. and it's about that time again...must be strong and resist temptation!

zoey's is mighty fine though. and that ad is so sweet. as are your faded colours for the flowers miss p. Xx

Rebecca said...

Miss P, do you think a faded blue would work as well or is it the pink that makes it blush?? I saw pictures of a wedding you had done with a blue grey green blush and I can't find the pictures online.
I have curly hair so a fringe rises. Bad