A little bit of twee for a Friday afternoon.

LOCAL daffodils, in a rusty VINTAGE bread bin.

The only thing missing is an ORGANIC certificate, then they would tick all the boxes, I won't get started on the Organic thing because this isn't the time or the place, one day.

So what plans for the weekend? Will it be full of twee? I do hope so. Perhaps you might be feeling a little parched and need some ale? Then head to Beer festival at the Tobie. I don't like beer, I don't think a lady should drink out of a pint glass, but i do like to watch men try and order a pint of "Fuzzy duck thumb ducker" after they have had a few.

For me, it is feasting,the second race, shopping with a vintage wicker basket, and an afternoon of throwdown. Bliss.

The Hound will be mainly playing hide and seek, sometimes you have to humour him.


Mother Hen said...

I don't like beer either and do not like ladies drinking out of bottles or pint glasses.......am I getting old or is it just "standards Timothy"! xxx

Katie twinkles said...

Oh go on, please go on about the organic thing. I'm interested!

red ticking said...

i am so happy to have just found your blog ... it is fantastic... xx