Fruit and veg

A friend of mine has opened a fruit and veg shop in Uppingham. It's on the High Street, I can't remember the number, but as it only takes 45 seconds to walk from end to the other you are sure to spot it.

She sells fruit and veg, not in a twee way, there are no Farrow and Balled vintaged dressers, and the name of the grower isn't written on each potato in organic ink.

It is just honest. Fruit and veg and some free range eggs. This is the way a fruit and veg shop should be.

I bought some butternut squash, roasted it, then smooshed it up a bit and roasted it some more.
That way you get more of the caramelised bits. Remove from the oven and chuck on bits of gorgonzola. The heat of the squash will melt it. Add some fresh sage and a hunk of bread.

I made this recipe after deciding to go wheat/dairy free.

I gave up after 5 hours, a girl cannot survive on Earl Grey and Gin alone.

Spell checker doesn't like my use of the word "smooshed"

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