This post killed the last laptop

I'm not sure it was entirely responsible, but it was what i was doing when it gave up the will to live. This morning I have woken up with the most awful chest, and a barking cough. Most unpleasant and inconvenient. Why do we always get sick when we take a few days off?

Whilst I feel sorry for myself, I will hit publish on a few posts that never saw the light of day.

I love foliage, arrangements without it have their place, who doesn't love a dome of tulips or roses? But imagine if you never had a bouquet scented with rosemary, oregano or mint. If you hadn't had a vase of olive branches and mock orange, that instantly transported you back to a holiday in Kephalonia. Or just had some eucalytpus with a few stems of oriental lily, or fallen head over heels for the blousy viburnum opulus?

To never experience these things would be quite terrible.

Foliage.......there's more to it than "a bit of greenery"

If there was a foliage association i would be it's marketing manager.

I would however refuse to market leatherleaf. That stuff is just wrong.


Anonymous said...

Shades of green....are so calming, natural and elegant. I think arrangements just of foliage are gorgeous. All the textures, shapes and smells.


Becca said...

I addddoooore foliage. It reminds me of my mothers garden and it smells like summer
and mint makes me need pimms