I wanted to love it

but I didn't. It made me cringe.

You will remember we all got excited when the book came out.I love Sophie Dahl, I think she is exquisitely beautiful, and would sell The Hound to the highest bidder to have her cheekbones.

But why did she listen when someone said, Let's make a TV show?

The food was good if unoriginal, but it just all felt a bit forced. From the perfectly twee kitchen to the literary quotes, Dorothy Parker anecdotes and the fish facts??

It was so contrived, the Cath Kidston of the cookery world, and her forehead didn't move.

Perhaps I am just bored of the format, Nigella, Nigel, Jamie, Delia, what we all really need is a new Fanny Craddock. The Hound thinks he would be better as the Galloping Gourmet. Either way we are pitching it Channel 4 in the morning. There just aren't enough dogs cooking on television.

Perhaps next weeks will be better? Please let it be.


Mrs B said...

Selfish?.....more like self indulgent. Good person, bad tv ..... still managed to make me feel completely inferior though. Knew you'd be watching- thank u for such speedy blogging.
The Hound That Cooks - sure to be award winning tv. Sales of tripe would go through the roof....I'm off to buy some shares

Miss Pickering said...

Mrs B

It was just so disappointing, I made the perfect cup of tea in a fancy cup and sat down ready to be beguiled for half an hour, and wasn't.

I got rather irritated by her look of pain and guilt as she tipped the sugar into the fudge. I screamed at the TV, if you care about the calories make a bloody stir fry woman.

Did you survive Mothers Day?

Tracy x said...

i make no apologies.. i kinda liked it...
if your t.v show takes off will the hound possibly be looking for a whippety sidekick that can rustle up a mean butternut squash risotto?
he can take his pick...
t x

Miss Pickering said...

Keen to hear everyone's opinion. I had high hopes, perhaps too high.

The Hound says he will need a whippety side-kick, and is keen to incorporate the selection process "Whippet idol" into the show format.

Hope your flock of fur, feather and wool is safely tucked up and not escaping through the hole.....

Mrs B said...

I watched it in 2 halves, back to front, and was interrupted by Mr B announcing every 30 seconds how awful it was. I tried not to be swayed by his comments to begin with but gave up at the cheese shop. The fudge annoyed me too.... I don't understand anyone who would choose fudge over a flour AND sugar based treat.

I survived, just.....still bearing the scars. Respite on it's way in the form of Cornish cream teas and the beach for a few days next weekend. Roll on the arrival of the Easter Bunny xxx

Simon said...

God I love her. I found it a lot less irritatingly over-stylised than Nigella, but I didn't learn much...nice escapist froth, and at least she doesn't say "voila" 500 times per half hour like monsieur Raymond Blanc. She needs to dump the midget though.

Anonymous said...

It was really twee.

You and the Hound should be on TV.

Channel 4 need to see your blog then you are sure to get a show.


CakeGirl said...

Couldn't agree with you more. She was just too 'nice'. Have a very naughty story about her that I am happy to share with you,however, it's one for the shop, certainly not 'on brand' for your lovely blog.

Miss Pickering said...

Oh my dear girl, get thee to the shop.....

renaissance said...

Tricky, parts of it were truly, truly, cringe worthy and, due to the fact that I was reading at the same time as watching the TV, from time to time I thought it was a Nigella show.
I actually liked the kitchen and would probably like the peanut butter fudge....
I think I'll reserve judgement until after a few episodes but for now I prefer Delia. Pre frozen mashed potato Delia.
As for the hound I think our own hound might be interested in a guest appearance.