We don't do duvets

or alstromeria.

do you remember Trevor and Simon? where are they now?

So alstro would be on my flowers so loathsome list. but if you buy nice ones without the brown flecks, in a lime green colour, and remover the leaves (it is the leaves that irritate me the most) and they are actually quite nice.

Separate out the flowers and use with Majolica roses, and i would almost go so far as to say superb. What are your thoughts is it ?

A. I love them brown flecks and all
B. I will search out these lime green ones and use them
C. Is that a half naked action man?
or is it D. What did you say? I am too busy swinging my pants.

Answers on a comment please.


Mrs B said...

C, D, and then B - in that order.

Jane said...

There's a beautiful red and green alstromeria I grow - like a parrot - but yes, i take all leaves away.

Mayesh International said...

Lets be honest - alstroemeria blows. Even a retarded, immature quasi-green variety.
Miss P, I love your blog, and your dry wit.
Isn't that the action man in Navy diving spring suit?
David D; ex-pat in Miami.