In the shop today

Ranunculus. Don't be fooled by photography, that is a full size bucket, and the heads really are as large as golf balls AND Locally grown.


Also pretty roses, so pretty it is almost unbearable.

A bit busy here and The Hound has gone to a "meeting" which i think is code for ale and pizza at the pub.


Mrs B said...

SNAP! I also have golf balls and pretty roses....I have been awaiting your verdict on Miss Dahl. You are busy though so here are my thoughts...

High points:
The red flowery top
The hair covered ponytail band - fabulous attention to detail.
The gold locket - my grandmother had something similar and it reminded me of her.
The presentation of the Eton Mess.
The anticipation that we'd get to see the dwarf stood next to her.

Low points:
The book shop.
The Shepherds pie - If she doesn't eat meat, how is she able to tell us all how to make it if she's never even tasted it?
The lack of dwarf.

Oh My! Floral said...


I had a mini stroke yesterday with the ranunculus I got too! Deep burgundy was my color of choice and paired with orange poppies? Perfect.

KELLY said...

wowzers! i need those in my life!! gold star and top of the class to the local grower person : )

happy april miss p. here's to a wonderful season of prettiness. xX

p.s. miss d...not keen on that halter neck dress. stripes are much better on you. episode 2 was a slight improvement in my humble opinion...and yay for blinis!