Do you Flickr?

I wish I did, then i could upload this photo and enter this contest. not that it would win, but I wanted to enter the dog one, and didn't, and what if The Hound hadn't won? Perish the thought.

The problem is you need a yahoo account to get a Flickr one. Easy really, fill out details, and click. Except i clicked when adding in my birth year as this year, and now Yahoo thinks i am too young.

"Go and get your Mom and Dad" really that's what it says, in a shouty tone.

That's what it is telling me to do, it is obviously recognising my computer, and despite a change in the date, thinks i am a cunning child who has just changed the date in order to look at x-rated sites or something.

If it recognises i am too young, perhaps it could also recognise i am in the UK, so it should really say.

"Now be a good little girl, and run along and find Mummy and Daddy to help you with this part,"

In my head I have won the contest.


Janet said...

What a gorgeous little arrangement!

shellie said...

maybe it could...its pretty gorgeous...i love green arrangements!