Introducing.........The Captain

Husband to The Mother Hen, father to The Small Child, stepfather to The Other Miss Pickering and yours truly.

A man of great integrity, captain of his very own ship, architect, chief advisor, wee dram drinker, and in case you hadn't noticed.............brilliant.


The Other Miss Pickering said...

I second all of that! The man rocks and we are very lucky girls.

P.S He is also a dab hand at fixing bikes...

Oh My! Floral said...

Awwww! Very sweet. Those very same things I'd like my husband to be. :)

KELLY said...

aye aye captain!

and what an introduction. he sounds & looks like a very special man indeed. xX

Mother Hen said...

Not to mention the fact that when he is being mischievous (a regular occurrence), two large dimples appear, making him irresistible.
Definitely a man to eat tuna carpaccio with and I am indeed the luckiest girl! xxxxx