A day in the city

I went to meet a very old friend for lunch, he's not old, I've just known him a long time. We met at divertimenti, a hardcore porn shop for cooks.
We played find the most useless piece of kitchen equipment, a herb mincer won. Who minces herbs?

Lunch was at Le Relais de Venise. They only serve one thing, ever. Green salad with walnuts, followed by steak-frites. Not great if you are a vegetarian, but we aren't.

The steak is delicious and comes in a secret sauce. Which is green, and doesn't actually look that appetising. But it is.

Just when you think, "that was so delicious I could eat it again"....they do just that. It is a meal of 2 halves. This is a concept that more restaurants should adopt.

The tables are very close together, Tory party spin doctors to my right, South African bankers to my left. We drank a lot of red wine, and had creme brulee and profiteroles.

Then to a shop opening, The Beautiful People have opened a shop. It was full of equally beautiful people who were all unusually tanned given the time of year. Black sequins de rigeur. I wore floral, tweed and snakeskin. We ate canapes, one was a bit like hog roast in a vol-au-vent, only posher. I think it could be the best canape i have ever eaten.

I couldn't wait to get to London, my longing to be back there seems to have been gaining momentum over the last few months.
But now I think here is where I belong, I think this is me.

Or maybe Paris?

Meanwhile The Hound spent the day with The Mother Hen, and started his own blog.

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Simon said...

The hound has a blog! Brilliant. Careful he doesn't open a rival shop after all that deep-cover industrial espionage...